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How a Minimalist Mindset Impacts My Financial Wellness

One of the perks of simplifying your life is that it trickles down into your spending habits. This minimalist mindset has directly and positively impacted my quality of life, because I’m spending more money on brain fuel, inner nourishment, and personal development. Read on to see how it has impact my financial wellness.

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17 Self-Care Ideas That Don't Cost a Darn Thing

Practicing self-care doesn’t have to be some big ‘ol routine, anything extravagant or come with a hefty price tag to be meaningful. I think as humans sometimes we equate more elaborate with more effective, but it’s definitely not always so. Instead, let’s get back to basics, and just uncomplicate things. Here are 17 self-care ideas that don’t cost a darn thing, because the best things in life are usually free.

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21 Motivating Journal Prompts to Find Clarity When You're Feeling Stuck

When I start to feel overwhelmed with work, life, dreams, purpose, and all the things… I like to journal because it helps me work through my problems in real time. Here are some of the thoughts that I run through to help me get back into alignment with myself.

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