Valentine's Day: Ode to Love Yourself

Photo Feb 14, 8 26 58 AM
Photo Feb 14, 8 26 58 AM

I am surrounded by the most beautiful people. I don't mean this in a superficial way either. At this point in my life, I can honestly say I have never had such sweet, thoughtful and inspiring comrades as I do right at this moment. Maybe it comes with age…We all have had "best friends" that come and go through middle school and high school and even a bit into college, but when we enter our 20s, I feel this is when you start to build solid relationships that can last a lifetime.

My closest friends are made up of people I met not even a year ago to people I have known for most of my life. I believe the foundation for these friendships are built off of each individual person's self-confidence. We are all so different, yet we mold so well together that I always feel I am inspired, challenged and I feel I am learning something new every day.

Confidence = Beauty. We know this. We have heard it repeatedly. Yet, why is it so hard? There are times I just wish my friends could see what I see in them and just let go of their insecurities because I think they are gorgeous 100% of the time. I am working on building more confidence, too, so I get it.

However, I look back at those many awkward moments when I lacked confidence and wish I could have just believed in myself from the start. Here's a recent example: Going on dates with a stranger. This is terrifying enough in itself and even more terrifying when you are a midwest girl dating in NYC. If I feel uncomfortable, I forget my interests, quirks, what makes me ME, I get a case of the shifty eyes and I can't sit still. I am UNCOMFORTABLE and this stranger might not ever get to know me the way my friends know me. This is when you know if something is working or not working. You shouldn't have to WORK if you truly connect.

So, it all boils down to confidence. Here's a "To Do" list for you (and me) to reflect on this Valentine's Day:

  • You are beautiful, intelligent, and empowering. Know that.

  • Be kind to others.

  • Smile BIG to strangers, friends, colleagues, and anyone servicing you.

  • Take your headphones out and observe.

  • Work on not having a "Bitchy Resting Face" (Google it).

  • Forget about bikini bridges, thigh gaps and armpit vaginas - just be grateful you have limbs.

  • Volunteer your time.

  • Wear jewelry that means something to you.

  • Go rock climbing or take a hip hop class.

  • Read books - fiction, nonfiction, science-fiction...

  • Give more. Take less.

  • Find what makes you special and interesting.

  • Have great stories to tell.

I am sharing you direct quotes out of my own diary…so I am sharing this because I feel like I cannot possibly be the only one out there that needs to hear it. I hope this has been somewhat helpful and inspiring. I would love to hear YOUR thoughts, opinions, and anything else we should add to our Confidence 101 "To Do" List.

Happy Friday, Lovers! <3