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The Om Home: My Calm + Creative Home Office

It’s finished! I've been on the full-time, self-employed, work-from-home grind for years and finally have my dream home office. I’m so happy to have a space that inspires me, where I can focus and let my creativity thrive. Plus, I share a glimpse into the early days of growing my business.

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Organizing Our Small Laundry Space + My Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

We considered our lack of storage as a positive challenge that will only empower us to continue our mindful and minimalist lifestyle. It has been fun getting creative with our organizational systems, starting with the laundry. Here’s how we maximized our small laundry space.

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Best of 2018: personal milestones, career highlights, advice and learnings

Today marks 5 YEARS since the launch of this dear ole blog of mine. This platform has brought me so much joy, self-discovery, and personal growth. And I thank you all so much for being here with me. Here are my best moments of 2018, advice/what I’ve learned this year, and the intentions I’m setting for 2019!

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