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Organizing Our Small Laundry Space + My Favorite Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

We considered our lack of storage as a positive challenge that will only empower us to continue our mindful and minimalist lifestyle. It has been fun getting creative with our organizational systems, starting with the laundry. Here’s how we maximized our small laundry space.

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Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide: For a More Mindful (& Less Wasteful) Season

This season, I whipped together a sustainable holiday gift guide filled with both tangible and intangible gifts that support a more mindful holiday for you and your loved ones. My guide also supports forward-thinking businesses ranging from woman-owned brands to eco-friendly products that give back.

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I Freakin’ Love My Berkey: Here’s Why You Should Get One Too

If you don’t know what the heck a Berkey is, it’s a super powerful water filtration system, but more so, it is a water purifier. You know I love me a sustainable swap, and my Berkey water purifier has become one of my favorite things in my kitchen. Maybe even in my whole darn apartment! Here's why I freakin' love mine.

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