That time I dramatically ripped the mirror off of my wall...


When I moved into my apartment, my bedroom already came equipped with a mirror mounted on the wall. I thought, cool, one less thing I have to buy. The only problem is it made anyone and everyone look shorter and significantly wider than they truly were. My friends and I started referring to it as "The Fun House Mirror", since it very much made everyone feel distorted.

One day my friend was standing in front of my mirror commenting on her appearance saying "Ughhh I feel so fat. I feel ugly…," to which I immediately reminded her, "It is the MIRROR….You do not look like this in real life. I promise!" Let me also say, she is one of the most beautiful and kindest people ever, so I never want to hear her say negative things about herself like this. Anyways, she would not believe me, so I responded…..

Without hesitation, I grabbed the mirror and started yanking it off the wall. I did not realize how well it had been secured, so pieces of the wall sort of ripped off with it (don't tell my landlord). It has since been 3 weeks, and I finally purchased a new mirror to cover the ripped wall.

Ironically, this new mirror also warps your proportions in unflattering ways……so basically I fail at choosing mirrors or Bed Bath & Beyond fails at making them... At the end of the day, I do not need a mirror. Mirrors are not going to tell you what a wonderful person you are. Yes, a mirror can help ensure everything is in place, but it is only going to reflect what is on the surface.

We have so much more to offer than our exterior. I don't care if you have a large piece of spinach in your teeth or a booger in your nose (a true friend will let you know). Yes, it is embarrassing, but in the grand scheme who actually cares?! If we spend less time in front of the mirror worrying about our appearance, we will be able to spend more time enjoying our lives and acknowledging the beauty that surrounds us.

Also, there are only a couple people I would ever consider "ugly" and it has nothing to do with their appearance and EVERYTHING to do with their attitudes.

Nothing is more beautiful or handsome than a kind, silly and genuinely uplifting human being.