How much should you pay for yoga pants? (and SPECIAL GIVEAWAY!)

Head-to-toe in 90 Degree by Reflex with their one and only Social Media Marketing Manager, Andrea (right).
Head-to-toe in 90 Degree by Reflex with their one and only Social Media Marketing Manager, Andrea (right).
Head-to-toe in 90 Degree by Reflex with with my good friend Andrea (right).

With all of the Lululemon's and Sweaty Betty's taking over the world, some of you might be wondering is it really worth dropping $100 on yoga pants? Well… depends. How often do you practice yoga? For those who spend a lot of time practicing, it might be worth it. Is it completely necessary? Hmmm….that is up to you to decide.

Here's the thing….I've seen a lot of butts in class. You know, when your "yoga pants" are a bit too sheer to do downward dog and then you reveal all to the students behind you? I personally would rather spend more money on a pair of high-quality yoga pants than flash my ass cheeks to the kind folks of New York (unless you are doing Nude Yoga… I will review in a future blog post). The bottom line is, you do not need the world's fanciest pants, but you need to make sure your pants can keep up with you.

Here are my guidelines for what I look for in yoga pants:

1. They cover my bum.

2. They do not pill.

3. They stretch but do not stretch OUT.

4. They are nice and tight in all of the right places.

Now for some FREE SWAG!

90 Degree by Reflex is giving away an awesome bag of freebies! Based out of NYC, this company offers high-quality yoga wear at a very reasonable price. I cannot say enough nice things about this wonderful company and the hard-working team behind the brand.

Photo Mar 24, 7 28 08 PM (1)
Photo Mar 24, 7 28 08 PM (1)

TO ENTER: Follow me on instagram (@omandthecity) and hashtag #OmAndTheCityGiveaway answering this question: How has yoga impacted your life? Winner will receive a 90 Degree by Reflex bag, headband and tie-dye tank top (pictured above)! If you also comment on my blog, you MIGHT have a greater chance of winning (just saying…).

About 90 Degree by Reflex: This up-and-coming activewear company is really making its mark in the industry. Check out my friend Andrea and I (pictured above) sporting head-to-toe 90 Degree by Reflex swag at a Body Local event in Times Square. BOTTOM LINE: The pants are great for all types of yoga and fits true to size. My favorite part about their pants is the waistband - It doesn't have that uncomfortable tight elastic that gives you automatic love handles. Order online at and be sure to follow them on Facebook. Also, check out their jackets….The purple one I am wearing in the picture is so cute and comfortable. I get lots of compliments whenever I wear it!


3.28.14 WINNER:@Lizzie_Warfield

Thank you to all who participated! Especially Lizzie - I admire your strength and courage. Also, your dog is super adorable!! Everyone's responses were inspiring and honest, which I really appreciate. There will be more giveaways to come (who likes organic tea?!) so stick around.

Jules x