Productivity Hack: Slowing Down to Speed Up

slowing down to speed up product
slowing down to speed up product

If you're looking for a sign that you need to slow down and reconnect, this is it. After traveling around Bali for the past 14 days, the biggest thing I've noticed is how relaxed and happy everyone is here. I never felt rushed by anyone to do anything - whether it be paying for a delicious meal, taking in a scenic view, or stopping to ask a stranger for directions. Everyone has time or makes time. And if we run out of time, they just say "no worries" and we all move on.

So, this post is for the multi-taskers, the freelancers, the entrepreneurs, the bloggers and for anyone who wants to slow down, be present, work smart, show results, and live a full and beautiful life. My trip has reminded me how much I wish to declutter my own life and simplify my mentality for a more focused and productive life. The below thoughts are what I'm currently working on - join me?

1. Actually, taste your food.

The first thing we can all do is eat more slowly. Take the time to be present, make a healthy breakfast, sit down and taste it. Put the phone away. Surely, not every meal needs to be documented for Instagram. Taste each bite, so you can actually appreciate what you are eating. Not to mention, it's better for your digestion not to inhale your food!

2. Meditate when you feel the most rushed.

This is by far one of the most challenging things for me to practice. Our instincts tell us to go, go, go and rush, rush, rush to get it all done or squeeze it all in. But, don't you just end up feeling lost with nowhere to start? Take 5 minutes to sit and just breathe. We absolutely need our breath - never underestimate it.

3. Don't fill in every gap.

It's easy to schedule 7 things in a day and find slots to fit people in so everyone is happy. But, then you're the one suffering. Just because you find one opening on your calendar from 3-4pm doesn't mean you should fill it with another coffee meeting. Leave it open, take time for yourself.

4. Talk slower.

I often find myself rushing through my conversations with people when I'm on the go. I've consciously been trying to slow my speech and choose my words more wisely. I am also trying reeeally hard to eliminate usage of the word 'like' and 'um' to connect sentences or fill pauses in conversation. It's like really hard.

5. And to state the obvious, take a break from the digital world. Seriously.

As much as I love social media, I would go crazy if I didn't make time to unplug. It shouldn't have to be this big announcement to just sign off for a day. For me, it works best if I designate certain times of day for social media - to catch up, engage with the community, absorb new content, etc. Just refrain from habitually checking and refreshing your feed/email every 5 minutes. We don't realize how much time we are actually wasting... and for nothing.


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Final thoughts...

If we all focused more fully on each task at hand, we will find our productivity increase drastically. Put in the effort, complete the work with flying colors, so we can all go home and live our personal lives with the ones we love most. Life is fast enough... don't forget to truly live it, breath it, and enjoy it.

Love from your super tan island girl!