Bali Trip: How to Survive a Ridiculously Long Flight



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Hello from Bali!!! Wow, guys - It is absolutely beautiful here! I'm floored by this beautiful country, the kindness of strangers, and THE FOOD. That's another blog post entirely. I'm currently writing this whilst sitting outside at Zoe Villa Cafe in Canggu. We've been here for a week already, and I missed writing, so I wanted to go ahead and share our flight experience with you.

In a nutshell:We did it. We survived our 25 hour flight to Bali with flying colors, and it went by surprisingly fast! Allison and I definitely came prepared. So, for those of you about to jet-set, here are some tips on how to survive a ridiculously long flight and arrive at your destination still feeling somewhat like a human.

Tips for Surviving a Long Flight

how to survive a long flight

how to survive a long flight

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1. Workout before flying

Go running, stretch, practice yoga… do whatever you can to release some energy before you're trapped in economy. If I hadn’t squeezed in some SoulCycle and yoga prior to my flight, I would have arrived in Bali feeling like a sedentary squishy blob (...the way I currently feel after eating my way through Seminyak and Canggu).

2. Don't forget your neck pillow

Oh dear neck pillow... what would I do without you? I bought a $40 neck pillow about four years ago, and it has proven to be a smart investment over the years. Go for the memory foam. You won't regret it!

3. Bring your favorite skincare products

This is probably what I’m most grateful I prepped for. I tend to experience mini-breakouts after flying, but this time I took really good care of my skin. My saving grace?Ursa Major Face Wipes, 100% Pure Collagen Face Masks, Coffee Bean Eye Cream to prevent puffy under-eyes (THIS IS AMAZING), and my LXMI East African Shea Butter for extra moisturizer. I wouldn’t trade out any of these, as I’m almost certain this is why my skin didn’t freak out once I landed in Bali.

100 percent pure face mask

100 percent pure face mask

Looking cool in our 100% Pure Ginseng Collagen Face Masks (these are perfect since they aren't messy!)

4. Relax with essential oils

Once you’ve nailed your skincare routine, take a couple drops of lavender essential oils (I looove Art Naturals brand), and rub it into your temples to help feel settled. I also brought along peppermint oil in case I feel nauseous. Snuggle up with your blanket, plop on your noise-cancelling headphones and relax. This brings me to my next tip...

5. Podcasts, Netflix, Books... oh yes

My advice? Feed your brain inspiring content. I wanted to make this trip as uplifting, educational, and spiritual as I possibly could. Thanks to my insta-friends, I embarked on this journey with a long list of recommendations. Comment on this post or email me if you'd like me to share the full list! Here's what I personally ended up with if you're curious:

  • Podcasts: The Goal Digger, Being Boss, That's So Retrograde, Healers, and The Balanced Blonde 'Soul on Fire' Podcast.

  • Netflix: Thankfully, you can now download Netflix episodes to your phone to watch on the plane without wifi! I downloaded Season 1 of Girl Boss. Verdict? It's an okay show... the character Sophia is not a great person, but that's TV - I'm sure it is not an accurate representation of the real Sophia Amoruso who has inspired millions!

  • Books: You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero, The Universe Has Your Back by Gabby Bernstein, and The Life‑Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.I am obsessed with all of these books and I highly recommend each and every one.

6. Pack healthy, nourishing snacks

There’s nothing worse than getting off a plane and feeling bloated AF for the next 3 days. Allison and I made sure to pack a balance of grains, nuts, and dried fruit to snack on between airplane meals.

7. Stay hydrated

I tend to reduce the amount I drink on airplanes, so I don't have to pee. However, for a 25 hour flight you just can't avoid it. Drink water. Stay hydrated for your health and for the sake of feeling well on your vacation!

8. Bonus Tip: Choose a great airline. It makes the biggest difference.

We flew with Eva Air, and I just have to give a shoutout for how incredible they were. I was so impressed, and it made our flight actually enjoyable.

  • Service: The service was impeccable. The sweetest crew by far!

  • Cleanliness: Cleanest plane I've ever been on. The bathrooms were cleaned constantly while in flight. It was spotless and even smelled good. I never saw pee or t.p. on the floor ever.

  • ComfortThe blankets were so thick, and the temperature on the plane was perfect. Leg room was standard for economy, but it was as comfortable as it could be!

  • FoodI flew 16 hours to Korea in middle school, and I remember the plane food was awful and made me feel nauseous. The food on Eva Air was actually really decent. They had a delicious matcha pound cake too!

  • EntertainmentI was shocked - movies were free, and there were several new releases. I ended up watching an odd Natalie Portman movie called Planetarium, but on the way home I plan to watch A Dog's Purpose.

Okay, so lots of information thrown at you... and I could write even more. I know several of you have trips planned to Bali this year, so feel free to ask me any specific questions you have. Be sure to also check out Allison's blog post for her 6 Tips to Enjoy a Long Flight! The more tips the better, trust me. Flights CAN be enjoyable, and luckily I was in great company.

I'll write a Bali Travel Guide when we return to the States. I can say, though, after just a week of being here, we are already thinking of when to return! In short, it's one of my favorite places I've ever traveled to.

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