Simplify & Thrive Guidebook

Simplify & Thrive Guidebook


Surefire tools, tips, and tricks to declutter your life, reduce stress, amplify happiness, and boost productivity.

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What's included:

  • 40+ pages of actionable insight into simplifying 6 core areas of your life.

  • Step-by-step guidance on what to do, why it's important, and how to make it a reality.

  • Interactive workbook exercises, journal prompts, and checklists to help you take action.

  • Weekly Budget Tracker template to simplify your finances.

  • Access to the Simplify & Thrive Community on Facebook to find accountability and support along this journey.

  • 25 resources for further exploration into the world of simplifying.

What people are saying:

“Simplify & Thrive is the perfect manual for anyone interested in living a more intentional and fulfilling life. Decluttering your home, mind, and commitments can seem overwhelming, but this guidebook is full of actionable tips to turn your minimalism aspirations into a reality. I'm constantly looking to refresh and elevate my day-to-day, and I will be returning to this resource regularly as my guiding light!” - Katerina J

"I'm so impressed with how much valuable information was packed into this guide. Not to mention, it's so beautifully designed. This guidebook was the perfect deep dive into simplifying core areas of your life, and it's laid out in a way that is not intimidating. These practices are truly life-changing, and it has made such a difference in my mindset. It feels like the beginning of fresh, clean slate." - Hannah W