The mindful, biz-building program for digital entrepreneurs

Guiding you on how to align your purpose, create with confidence, get sh*t done, and strategically grow your brand while makin’ money honey.


You’re a visionary, a manifestor, and an idea makin’ machine…

But, when it comes to executing, you feel stuck.

  • You’ve got passion and drive, but you’re lost on how to make it your living.

  • You’re hustlin’ HARD, but it’s not quite moving the needle.

  • You are confused on where to start, what to prioritize, and how it’s all going to come together.

  • You believe in your biz, but you’re navigating very human feelings of fear.

  • You wish someone would pave the way and help connect the dots, so you can pursue your purpose with clarity, strategy, and confidence…


Introducing the Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship Program

For creative entrepreneurs ready to uplevel their digital flavor, create with purpose, maximize their productivity, and build a crystal clear strategy.


Let’s get those brilliant ideas out of your brain and into the world.

What sets apart actual entrepreneurs from simply passionate people is tapping into your dreams, ideas, and creative sparks and effectively taking action on it. The Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship Program will walk you through the process of how to bring your visions to life and implement them with simple, done-for-you strategies, so you can have a business that’s not only meaningful but also profitable.


Under My Wing


I am taking you under my wing, giving you real-time feedback, and sharing all I’ve got on how I went from a side-hustle blogger to a multiple 6-figure wellness entrepreneur.

I want to help you build a thriving business that is sustainable, healthy, and long-lasting while leaving you fulfilled and in alignment with what sets your soul on fire.

We’ll go through the step-by-step process that I’ve used to find clarity in my brand, attract an engaged audience, and speak my truth, all while creating consistent and diverse income.


What they’re sayin’…

“Not only are you getting inside information from an expert in the field, but you're becoming part of a community of women who are striving to be their best selves in both their lives and businesses. There is nothing like this community.”
- Roxanne, @roxannemcclaren

“It is truly a reflection of Jules’ expertise in this space that has made this mentorship program so valuable. She breaks down really complex subjects into manageable, actionable steps. This mentorship program has given me direction to build my brand that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Going beyond instagram and learning how to enhance other outlets and platforms has been an effective addition to growing my brand and business. One of the best parts of the program has also been the community that has come from it - going on this journey with other like-minded ladies has been amazing! We’ve bonded, bounced ideas off each other, and supported each other’s efforts along the way. If you’re serious about taking your business to the next level, I highly encourage you to check out this program.”
- Alexa, @matsandmutts

“The Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship Program has significantly refined my business vision and helped me to become more aware of inefficiencies across the social media spectrum. Jules is so lovely and you can tell how excited and passionate she is about sharing invaluable tools and tips for running a sustainable business.“
- Madison, @madisontothemoon

“The Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship Program is one of the best investments I've made not only in my business but in myself. This program is filled to the brim with actionable steps that will take your vision to the next level. Before I started this program, I felt lost and overwhelmed on where to start but now I have all the tips and resources I can ever dream of to help my business grow and succeed. The amount of thought and detail Jules and The OM Team have put into this program is incredible, and I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.”
 - Raylin, @raylinweiser

“Jules is such an inspiration, and I could not happier that I chose to sign up for the Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship Program. Owning a digital business could easily be a stressful, toxic space, but Jules has created a thriving business that is healthy and mindful. Prior to joining the program I had lots of self doubt and a lack of clarity on how my passion project could turn into a legitimate business. After completing the program I feel like I have a solid strategy and confidence in myself to take this wherever I want it to go. Jules outlines all aspects of being a successful entrepreneur in the digital world, organized in a way that isn't rushed, and allows you to actually look inward and think about what you want your business to be.”
- Annie, @livinglaboratory


With this program you will


Define who you are as an entrepreneur and as a brand

Craft your unique impact statement and get clear on the audience you serve

Get pep talks on overcoming fear and limiting beliefs so you.are.unstoppable.

Land on the intersection where consistent manifestation meets strategic goal-setting

✓  Audit your current website + social media to determine what’s working and what’s not

Set actionable goals that are in alignment with your core values and beliefs

Create engaging content and activate honest storytelling

Build your knowledge of Lightroom + basic photography tips

Learn real deal organic strategies to grow and sustain your community

Understand how to efficiently create, utilize, and maximize your content

Get the dish on mastering your money mindset and knowing your worth

Learn how to scale your business and build diversified income streams

Dive into how to master your productivity like a CEO

Learn how to avoid burnout + find a sustainable work flow with Jules’ Healthy Hustle Method.


What's Included



The program drips over 12 weeks to give you time to absorb + connect + implement. We’ll take you step-by-step mapping out what to do, why it's important, and how to make it a reality.


Filled with actionable steps to build your brand, grow your audience, increase your impact, and create a thriving business. Plus personalized feedback on your Social Media + Web Audit.


Video tutorials + interactive workbook exercises, journal prompts, and checklists to help you take action.


Program Bonuses



Live group coaching calls throughout the program where you can submit questions and dive deeper into module content with real-time insight and advice from Jules and fellow mentees.


Access to the private MEMP Facebook group where you can find accountability, connect with fellow mentees, ask questions and get support along this journey.


Every enrolled mentee gets a ticket to attend the in-person MEMP workshop hosted in Austin! Date TBD. We’re giving you the chance to connect with Jules + fellow mindful entrepreneurs IRL for an intimate gathering where you’ll dive even deeper TOGETHER.


This program is for you if…

  • You use your business to positively impact the lives of others (hence, the mindful entrepreneur!)

  • You want to grow a multi-faceted brand rooted in quality digital content.

  • You want an organized, step-by-step strategy to unpack all of your brilliant and overflowing creative ideas.

  • You want to uplevel your web, social, and email traffic, and you’re not afraid to work for it.

  • You are more than ready to invest in your business and take it to the next level.

It’s not the right fit if…

  • You don’t have a business or a website yet (you’ll need it to implement what you learn!).

  • You don’t have a blog, and don’t plan to start one anytime soon.

  • Your main goal is to become an Instagram star and work with brands.

  • You’re not at a point in your life where you can really invest your time and money (and that’s perfectly okay!)

  • You’re more focused on profits over helping people (Spoiler: You have to bring mega value BEFORE you can make mega profits.)



What’s the module breakdown?

  • Module 1: Define & Align

  • Module 2: Dissecting the Digital

  • Module 3: Honest Storytelling

  • Module 4: Growing & Sustaining Your Community

  • Module 5: Makin’ Money Honey

  • Module 6: The Healthy Hustle

How do I access the program content?

All module content is housed online within the Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship Program Membership Site. Upon enrollment in the program, you will receive more information about how to access the membership site and create your account.

What’s the best way to use the module resources?

All worksheets and module resources are meant to be consumed digitally, and there are spaces where you can type, answer questions, and then save it. Type all over it - this is your personal workspace.

Prefer to hand-write? Use your own journal to write out the exercises as you read it or feel free to print the worksheets and exercises as well!

How long is this program?

This program will run for 12 weeks kicking off in August. New modules will be released every 2 weeks, and there will be 6 live calls as well throughout the duration of the program.

It is self-paced so how long you prefer to spend on the modules once they are available is entirely up to you! We recommend you stay on schedule, however, to get the most out of our live group calls.

What if I haven’t started my biz or blog yet?

This is for entrepreneurs that are in the early to mid stages of their business. To get the most out of this program you should already have a blog/website completed prior to enrolling.

What if I can’t make it to some of the live group calls?

We definitely recommend you do what you can to be present for these sessions to connect in real-time with your fellow mentorship participants, but replays of all calls will be made available on the membership site in case you aren’t able to attend live or you’d like to revisit the call at any time.

What is your refund policy? 

This program has a no refunds, transfers or cancellations policy.  

We will only be accepting applicants that we truly believe this program is aligned with.

The Investment

The Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship program is a low four-figure investment.

This includes access to all 12 weeks of module video content, worksheets and resources, 6 group coaching calls, personalized feedback on your Social Media + Web Audit, interactive Facebook community, and access to the live MEMP workshop and gathering hosted by Jules in Austin.

Next Steps:

If you’re ready to dive on in with me and join the next round of the Mindful Entrepreneur Mentorship Program, please hit up the waitlist form below. You’ll be the first to receive more information and next steps as soon as they become available.


I'm Jules

the wellness entrepreneur behind Om & The City, where I share actionable insight geared to simplify your life, inspire personal growth, and empower you to invest in your wellbeing.

I created Om & The City back in 2014 to document my ever-evolving wellness journey, while giving women the inspiration to take action in their own lives. I had nada plans of it ever turning into a business… I just simply LOVED to write, share, and connect.

What started out as a creative outlet to destress from my 9-5 turned into my bootstrapped side-hustle, which eventually turned into my full-time freakin’ career. I went from busting my a$$ creating free content for brands and making zero dollars to scaling my biz to a multi-faceted platform and more than tripling my 9-5 income in under 2 years. All the while, I’ve never strayed from what makes me me, and I have only ever created work that lights up my heart,

I am now paid to speak, write, teach, create content, host workshops, and sell my own digital products that earn money while I sleep.

By embracing my type-A, strategic left brain and merging it with my free-spirited creative right brain, I’ve found my sweet spot of fire + function. It’s my biggest defining trait that I believe has propelled me forward from side-hustle blogger to multiple 6-figure entrepreneur.

I’m not here to sell you a false reality or tell you that all of your problems will magically be solved if you join my mentorship program. I’m servin’ it up to ya straight… I’m not a formally trained “business professional”. I’m a self-made, meditatin’, matcha makin’, healthy hustler who’s done the damn thing and has been through the ups, downs, failures, learnings, investment, growth, and personal development that come along with being an entrepreneur. I’ve got a unique perspective, running my mindful biz that’s deeply rooted in wellness + mindset + purposeful productivity. If what I've learned along the way can help you take the next steps towards pursuing your dreams, then count me in!

If you join my program, it’s because you already connect with me. You trust my knowledge, you know that ‘round here it’s been where wellness meets realness since day one.

My motto is: #SimplifyAndThrive… and nerding out on productivity hacks, perfectly-crafted matcha lattes, and holistic decluttering are admittedly a few of my favorite things. I strongly believe in a healthy kind of hustle that includes full belly laughs, making mistakes, and wholeheartedly loving what you do.

Being a mindful entrepreneur isn’t about perfection, it’s about about moving forward, sometimes backward, and making the most of every moment in between. I hope to inspire wellness, realness, and fearless motivation in your daily life. I want you to make yourself proud. I am here to remind you of your own power and worth.