Why Juice Cleanses Are Bullshit



Happy Monday, lovelies! Let me begin by saying, I didn't start Om & the City to write trendy, generic blog posts that are 'click-worthy'. I started it to share my own perspective, personal growth and experiences in the wellness industry, with hopes that I find a community that connects to it. If I ever serve you anything less, please call me out. I share topics I believe in, but I think it's equally important to share what I don't believe in - and for one, that's juice cleanses.

In New York, you'll find a juice bar on about every street corner. It's refreshing after a sweaty yoga sesh and perfect as a light on-the-go breakfast. I love smoothies. I love juice. Not hatin' on your juice, but I DO have a bone to pick with your so-called fancy juice "cleanses" and "detoxes".

They simply do not work. I'll tell you why.


It all comes down to science and marketing. Juice cleanses became the cash cow that it is now from some kickass marketing. As someone in the marketing field, I applaud them. They've managed to convince the world that it's worth spending over $150 to run on nothing but sugary liquids for 3-days, while depriving yourself from any good nutrition you could receive from just eating clean.



Juicing eliminates all the beneficial fibers.

If you've ever used a juicer, then you know how much fruit it actually takes just to create one juice serving. For one cup of fresh-squeezed apple juice, you need about three apples. This adds up to around 30-40 grams of sugar per serving, which is close to the amount of sugar in one can of coke. Then, you discard all of the pulp! The skin and the pulp are the BEST part of an apple... and in juice form, it's all removed! [Source]

The side effects of dizziness, headaches and fatigue are NOT signs of the detox working.

This is your body entering famine mode. Your metabolism is slowing down, and the lack of nutrients to sustain your energy will surely cause some hangry mood swings. You'll feel weak and jittery, and it will prevent you from being able to partake in healthy physical activity. [Source]

You'll likely overeat post-cleanse.

When I'm ravenously hungry, the last thing I want is a salad. I usually crave something more substantial like a taco or a juicy hamburger. If you're coming off of a juice cleanse, the reality is you'll likely over-indulge after depriving yourself for days... and rightly so! Which begs the question: What was the point? Are you any better off post-cleanse than you were pre-cleanse? No, probably not. Your kidneys and liver were detoxing just fine before spiking them with a sugar overload. [Source]


If you want to drink juice, because you love drinking juice, GO FOR IT! Everything in moderation! But, don't drain your wallet just to starve on a detox, thinking you can drink your way to a renewed digestive system in a couple days or lose weight. If you feel the need to 'cleanse' consider these healthier alternatives:



Simply eat clean + move your body!

As I mentioned, I love my smoothies. I typically make a fiber & protein packed green smoothie for breakfast 3-4 days out of the week. I supplement this with a pattern of healthy eating throughout the day, and yoga! Of course, like any human being, I enjoy my fill of sweets. However, I am in control of my cravings, because I do not deprive myself.

Everyone's body needs different things... but, ALL bodies need food and nutrients to survive. My point in sharing all of this is to contribute to the debunking of the fad (and sometimes harmful) diets that can lead you down a darker path. As someone who has suffered from unhealthy eating habits in the past, I try to steer clear of drastic food trends in order to maintain a balanced approach to life. I love the health food industry, and how far we've come in food education. I just don't want to be ripped off on some cleanse just because it claims to be "organic" and "cold-pressed".

I love you all, and I'd love to hear your thoughts (in agreement or disagreement!). If you've tried a juice cleanse, how was your personal experience? If you haven't, has this blog post helped you consider healthier/ more lasting alternatives?

Leave comments, emails, DMs... all forms are loved and appreciated.