what I wish I knew in high school about my skin

high school

high school

High School....how I loved you and how I hated you. Everyone was awkwardly growing into their own skin while dealing with school work, friend drama, heightened emotions, and for a lot of us, bad skin. I wish I could say I didn't care, but I definitely did. My skin wasn't the WORST, but I definitely had multiple zits camping out on my face 24/7.

None of the antibiotics, benzoyl peroxides and hormone pills in the world could have fixed it. While I go more in depth about my discovery of coconut oil and how it has changed my skin (and my life) here, I want to take the time to reflect on my high school self....

Dear High School Jules:

  • When a cream makes your face red and feel like you are on fire, this is NOT a sign that it's working.

  • A black smokey eye is nice for special occasions, but everyday? Really?

  • When you go to the water park, forget waterproof mascara. Just forget the makeup and have fun!!!

  • Your skin NEEDS a break - let it breath. Put on some coconut oil and just let your skin touch the sun for a few days.

  • The key to confidence is learning to accept yourself au natural and just using makeup to enhance for that extra special oomph.

  • "A smile is THE BEST makeup a girl can wear."

High School Me (on a typical day):I would wear a liquid-based foundation, top & bottom eye liner, eye shadow (usually black), mascara and whatever color lip gloss I was feeling. I would powder my face in between classes, reapply my lip gloss constantly, and just constantly touch my face.

  • SKIN STATUS: red, splotchy, zitty, peely, burney and just irritated.

New Yorker Me:Today, I wear either a tinted water-based moisturizer with SPF or Bare Minerals foundation, Organic Wear Mascara (a few days out of the week), and my go-to pink lipstick or natural chapstick. I don't fuss over my makeup throughout the day - I focus on working hard at my job, and being a positive friend/coworker/human being.

  • SKIN STATUS: smooth, happy, overall blemish-free (I haven't had one of those underground cystic zits in over a year), and dare I say I feel like my skin has a nice tan glow at the moment?

Sure, you could blame my high school skin status on growing pains....but I honestly believe if I knew in high school, what I know about skin care today, I would have really benefitted.

I am certainly not saying DON'T EVER WEAR MAKEUP! I just want everyone to love the way they look without makeup too, and not be afraid to let your skin breath.

happy new yorkers

happy new yorkers