#ThingsILoveThursday: Investing in Smart + Natural Beauty Products


Makeup c/o 100 Percent Pure

Woo, chicas y chicos! I am so happy to get back to my #ThingsILoveThursday posts. If you've been following along for the past few months, then you'll know this is where I share my favorite musings from music & restaurants to beauty & yoga products! I started this series back in March, and I find it very gratifying to look back and see what inspired me during those times - I hope you enjoy it, too!

SPOTLIGHT ON: 100% Pure Cosmetics

This week, I really wanted to put the spotlight on my favorite 100% natural cosmetics brand, 100% Pure. While I know there are a bajillion beauty brands out there, I think it's important to support the ones you love & believe in - from core company values to the brand messaging. To be honest, I have yet to find a purely natural brand I love more, and I welcome someone to challenge that! I love learning about other amazing holistic companies putting beautiful high quality goods on the market. So, please share!

Since day one of wellness blogging, natural skincare has been a core value of mine. Some of you might recall this post from four years ago when I was a guest blogger for YourZenLife. Chemicals on my face are sooo not my jam. I don't care how glamorous those fancy designer serums are... if it contains toxic ingredients that couldn't potentially be ingested, then that's a sign it's not the greatest for your skin (or your internal health). Not to mention, many of the designer brands test on animals. No bueno. Sure, our bodies can handle a lot, but why put it at risk for cancer and other diseases when you don't have to? Beauty is pain? Nah. It's not. There is power in natural beauty.



Food for your Skin

So, why 100% Pure? It's 100% natural and 100% cruelty-free. All products are completely, 100% free of artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemical preservatives and all other toxins. I like to consider myself a conscious consumer. I care about the origin of my products, and I care about how it was sourced. Think about it... our skin is ours to keep forever, whether we like it or not. If I am to splurge or invest in anything, it's food + skincare. Luckily, my beauty products don't consume much of my wallet, since I don't wear a lot of makeup. A little goes a long way for me, and 100% Pure is thankfully a very affordable brand. I do, however, spend a shit ton on food. Ugh. #ILoveHateYouSweetGreen



Featured Makeup: Long Lasting EyelinerBlack Tea Mascara, Truffle Lip Caramel,

Loving Lately

It wouldn't be #ThingsILoveThursday if I didn't spill the beans on some specific 100% Pure goodies I'm usin' & lovin'.

So, here it goes: [WHAT]:Black Tea Ultra Lengthening Mascara[WHY]: My eyelashes feel so much healthier & stronger. I always fear the day my eyelashes all fall out, but by using a natural product, I feel like I'm helping keep them in tact longer. [WHAT]:Honey & Virgin Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner[WHY]: My hair is on the dryer side these days, and after using this for the past couple of months, my hair is naturally softer and shinier. Overall, it's just healthier. [WHAT]:Truffle Lip Caramel[WHY]: I wasn't sure if I'd like this color until I finally put it on and wore it out! It's the color I'm wearing in all of these photos. It's really beautiful - I love the darker nude look, since it's a bit more sultry for evening.



Gift with Purchase, Anyone?



At the risk of sounding too promotional, I do want to let you know about great deals I find. 100% Pure is running a sweet promo right now, where you receive a 5-Piece Gift with Purchase for orders of $69. These are full-sized products - not sample-sized, which is awesome. This promo could not have come at a more perfect time, because I literally just ran out of their mascara. Check out the free set below.

It includes:

This entire set is valued at $119, and it's free with any order over $69. No code required. The sweet deal ends September 28th or when supplies run out (and they really do run out, haha...). Also, they offer free shipping & free returns for all of their products. Wahoo!

For more on 100% Pure, check out this previous article I wrote about the brand (featuring a really pretty pomegranate lipstick)!

Happy shopping, and keep me posted on what you think of your new beauty goods!

*Note: This post was sponsored by 100% Pure. All thoughts and opinions are completely (and always will be) my own. I receive a commission if you purchase products from the links in this post. The commissions are used to keep my blog running and to provide you with awesome content that I strongly believe in. Thank you for your continued support! x Jules