...seasonal blues (this is a juicy one)

tea and mental health
tea and mental health

In the words of Sam Smith, "I know I'm not the only one"....Cold weather gives me the blues. Anyone else relate? I am usually a very happy, positive and outgoing personality, but I have to be honest, winter brings me down a bit. I love everything about the idea of winter, especially leading up to the holidays....hot chocolate, coffee shops with fireplaces, big fuzzy socks, delicious wintery soups, and cozy oversized sweaters. That all sounds wonderful until it drops to below freezing temperatures and the wind gets so strong it feels like it's cutting you.

It usually hits me around the second week of January...the blues that is. I don't realize it until I'm sitting at home after work feeling restless, yet exhausted....a bit lonely...a bit bored. I am surrounded by amazing people - there is no reason I should feel lonely, and yet I do.

So, what can I do to bring myself out of this slump? I am doing it now. Seriously....Writing for my blog brings me joy. I am writing this at a cozy coffee shop in my 'hood while sitting across from one of my very good friends...Hey, Deanna.

I have consciously planned a "mental health" weekend for myself, and so far it is going fairly well!

Today I...

  • Biked to my yoga studio

  • Endured a kick-butt Vinyasa

  • Bought a week's worth of vegan-friendly groceries

  • Spent quality time with my gal pal Deanna

Last night I watched the extremely informative/inspiring food documentary, Forks Over Knives, and took notes. I am going back to a stricter plant-based diet, because that is when I am at my happiest. "Let food be thy medicine." Thank you, Hippocrates.

To everyone who is also feeling the winter blues:

  • Make a list of what is contributing to your blues.

    • For me, it was my energy levels / not being as active as I am in the warmer months / not feeling up to cooking / missing the warmth of the sun

    • Write down your "plan of attack" to start feeling happier AND DO IT.

      • You can always come up with excuses in your head for why you can put it off...but until you get moving you will continue to feel stuck.

      • Even though it's cold, plan an evening out with your close friend(s).

        • Get out of your apartment and go socialize. Make new friends. Let a stranger tell you you're beautiful. Just enjoy...and drink red wine if that strikes your fancy.

        • Light a candle and read a book.

          • Just trust me on this one. I know it is a challenge to sit still and read a book these days with everything going on...but it will make you feel SO much better.

I will spread love to those around me. Dig deep into my spirituality. I am NOT going to keep compliments to myself - If I see something I admire about a complete stranger, I will tell them. I will catch up on my comic books. And most importantly, I WILL pet your cute dog when you're passing me on the street. Not sorry about that.

....and you know what, "Wisdom comes with winters."- Wilde