Revisit Your Why: Questions I Always Come Back To

Revisit Your Why: Questions I always come back to | When we tap into our why, we’re better able to find the clarity + confidence to choose the goals, careers, communities & relationships that will inspire us. Despite what setbacks you may face, it's your WILL & your WHY that’ll keep you moving. When you want to give up, channel that inner fire. Click to find tips for tapping into YOUR WHY. | Om & the City Blog #OmAndTheCity #Goals #LiveYourPurpose

I created Om & The City as a platform where wellness and realness can come together, especially in an industry that sometimes paints an unrealistic representation. Well, in the spirit of keepin’ it real and coming back to my own ‘why’, I want to be completely honest with you. Heck, I want to be completely honest with myself. I know this is a space where I can speak my truth and be vulnerable, and it’s ok.

I’ve been having a hard time writing as of late. All the issues that are happening around us in this world, the current situations in politics, privilege, racism, climate change, so much of it is weighing on my mind and on my heart. Sometimes we can start to feel disconnected from our own path, and so I’ve been doing an overhaul of my life, of this platform, of my voice and my impact.

Most importantly, I just want you to know Om & The City will always remain a safe, inclusive space for anyone no matter your beliefs or political views. There’s a way to have productive conversations that challenge us without polarizing or judging others who think differently. By staying open, listening, and hearing others - that is how we grow and evolve together as a society.

Here’s the thing I keep trying to come back to - as human beings, we all struggle, hit roadblocks, and lose our way from time to time. And we'll continue to experience those peaks and valleys throughout our lives. It’s simply an inevitable part of this human experience. As you head down your path, remember it’s important to revisit your ‘why’ as often as needed.

When we tap into our why, we are better able to find the clarity and confidence to choose the goals, careers, communities, and relationships that will inspire us. Despite what setbacks or adversities you may face, it's your WILL and your WHY that’ll keep you movin’. When you want to give up, channel that inner fire.

But how? If things start to feel a little shaky, ask yourself the tough questions, and see what answers your mind comes up with. Stay honest with yourself - even if there are answers you might not want to hear!

So, ask yourself:

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Why did you start in the first place?
Especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed, create space for self-reflection. This process allows us to examine our own internal thoughts and dissect what they mean and how they make us feel. When you self-reflect, you’re also analyzing your life. I like to ask myself questions that have an actionable solution.

For example:

Am I living my truth? If not, what steps can I take to get there?

What is currently in alignment with my ‘why’? What is currently not in alignment with my ‘why’?

Do a mental scan of what’s working and what isn’t.

How does it make you feel?
What makes your spirit thrive? What makes you excited to wake up in the morning? What do you do when you're at home alone and have a moment of free time? Go do more of that.

True fulfillment comes from living our lives on purpose and with purpose. I wholeheartedly believe in doing what you love and loving what you do, but realistically that doesn’t mean that every single day is going to be wonderful.

If something is out of alignment, ask yourself what can change or shift, so you can get back to feeling inspired, confident and excited about what you’re creating or doing. It might be time to set new goals, clean up old systems, and rediscover what you want to put out there.

How are you impacting others?
There is scientific data to support that true happiness is found through helping others. Tap into your why and see if there’s a way you can utilize your passion to give back to your community or the world around you. Helping others creates a heightened sense of joy, meaning, and purpose in our lives. Remember, no good deed is too small. It’s the little things that add up to the big things.

Are you in alignment with your values?
Just like revisiting your why, it’s equally important to keep a list of your values and your belief system to make sure your why is always in alignment. Reaffirming your values doesn’t just help you stay on track, it also helps you to pinpoint what’s truly important and define what makes you happy and most fulfilled. I’m constantly coming back to my core values which are to share real, actionable insights on wellness, inspire personal growth, and empower others to live a simplified yet meaningful and joyful life.

Do you believe in you?
Others perceive you differently than how you see yourself. If you’re given an opportunity that will encourage your growth and development in this world, take it. The universe believes in you, so why can’t you believe in you? Imagine what you could accomplish if you could let it all go, if you could turn off the limited beliefs and challenge yourself to push through the uncomfortable, sticky spots of life.

So, when you lose your way, go back and find your 'why'. You don’t need to wait until you’re feeling swamped to check-in with yourself. You can take steps to actively make changes where necessary, and these actions will ultimately lead to a happier and healthier life with more room to grow, learn, and love.

Nothing but love,

Jules x

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