Q+A with Teresa Palmer, Aussie Actress & Your Zen Life Founder

Teresa Palmer - high res
Teresa Palmer - high res

Hello hello! I cannot downplay my excitement - I've looked up to Teresa Palmer for years, and it is just the biggest honor to have her on my blog. As you might already know, Tez is an Australian actress (The Choice, Warm Bodies), and one of the founders of the incredible wellness blog Your Zen Life (alongside co-founder Phoebe Tonkin). For those of you who have followed me from the beginning, you'll remember I got my start writing for Your Zen Life in 2013. I wrote my very first article about Natural Skin Care, where I received over a dozen messages asking for more information about my skincare routine. The engagement I received writing for YZL ultimately inspired me to start my own blog, which brings me to where I am today.

Your Zen Life continues to be an endless resource for inspiring, thought-provoking content, and I love being a part of their community. Today marks the exciting re-launch of their brand spankin' new website! Be sure to head over to their page after you read the Q+A:

Q+A with Aussie Actress & YZL Founder Teresa Palmer

Q: What inspired you to begin Your Zen Life?A: Your Zen Life was founded by my BFF Phoebe Tonkin and myself and basically was born out of a simple conversation. One night over dinner, we were discussing how we wanted to do something away from the industry we work in and use our profiles to be of service. We both have an avid interest in health and wellness, and we came up with the idea of creating an online scrapbook which could bring like-minded people together and where everyone had a voice and thus, Your Zen Life was born!

Q: Have you always been interested in organic foods/healthy eating? When did the interest spark?A: I definitely wouldn't say always. As a teenager, I definitely wasn't consciously aware, but as I got older I began cleaning up my diet and eating healthier. However, it was only when I moved to LA, where healthy foods and way of living were so prevalent that my interest for healthy eating, organic foods and wellness as a whole sparked and from there my journey began. It was a lifestyle choice for me and I've never looked back.

Q: Quote that you live by?A: "Be The Change You Wish To See In The World" - Mahatma Gandhi

tez and phoebe
tez and phoebe

Q: You are a very busy gal - how do you make time to eat healthy while balancing family and work?A: Ha! Yes, it can certainly be hard! However, being dedicated is half the battle and then from my experience I would say the key is preparation. When out and about with my son, or working locally on shoots I try and prepare healthy snacks/meals and when on set I choose the healthiest option from catering. Especially when I am traveling, ensuring I am prepared for both in transit and when I reach my destination by doing my research and knowing where the organic grocery stores and healthy eateries are really makes it so easy. It's usually my first port of call from the airport! However, it is important to remember it is all about balance - whilst I eat predominantly healthy, I do indulge every now and then!

Q: Favorite indulgence?A: Chocolate...with anything caramel added to it! I'm a sucker for a chocolate treat every now and then and anything with the choco/caramel combo is always a winner for me!!

Q: Favorite form of exercise and why?A: To be honest, I don't really have a 'favorite' - I really enjoy mixing it up and listening to what my body is telling me. It varies from a good cardio session at the gym, to a walk, to mum and hub yoga with my little one, to a repetitive workout at home/on the road.

Q: What are you listening to these days?A: My iPod is seriously a mixed bag from moody and cinematic electronic music like Brian Eno, to underground rap battle hip hop artists like Big L and KRS - one then on to Moby and Nirvana. Quite an eclectic mixed bag and really depends on the state of my mind at the time!

teresa palmer
teresa palmer

"Fear of failure can be crippling, however, you just have to step out of your comfort zone and lean into it."

Q: Tips for overcoming fear and going after your passions? A: I have done my most recent Tez Talks on this exact topic [watch it here]! Fear of failure can be crippling, however, you just have to step out of your comfort zone and lean into it. I believe it is so important to embrace failure rather than be fearful of it - there is such a beauty in failure in that it is an opportunity to grow and reflect on what lessons you have learnt from the experience. It honestly is such a beautiful thing that only propels us further and adds to our knowledge and experience; embrace it, lean into it, just do it!

Q: Favorite place in the world to visit?A: Australia! It will always have a piece of my heart and be 'home', and my husband and I have actually just bought my dad's property in the Adelaide Hills. We are planning on splitting our time between the US and Australia moving forward, which I am really excited about. I am so fortunate with my career to travel to some incredible places, but I have to say, Australia really does have the best beaches and the outdoor lifestyle that I love!

Q: Describe your personal style.A: My personal style is boho chic, I would say! I love relaxed, comfortable clothes and love mixing bold patterns with clouds and textures.

Q: Complete the sentence - “You know it’s true love when…"A: You find someone that you can't imagine doing life without - someone who holds your heart, loves you for you, challenges you, respects you and encourages you to be the best version of yourself. To me, true love is knowing they're your 'home'.

Q: Any more you’d like to add?A: I saw such a tremendous shift in my life when I discovered mindfulness and living consciously. When I began working on my self and learnt that sourcing happiness from internal places rather than anything external is true happiness. It made all the difference to my outlook and the way I chose to live my life. I have consciously practiced constantly staying present and living life with clear thoughts and intention. All we have is the present moment and when I realized that, everything shifted for me. I am in a fortunate position where I am able to use my profile to affect positive change in the world, and this is something I absolutely want to continue to do.

your zen life logo
your zen life logo

Wow, truly inspiring. Thank you so much, Tez, for being a pivotal part of my Q+A series. I hope everyone is feeling just as empowered as I am after reading her words.

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