My Weekend at MindBodyGreen's REVITALIZE in Arizona (+ New Vlog!)

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017

^ Art installation by Benjamin Shine

I had the most amazing time at MindBodyGreen's Revitalize conference in Arizona! There is so much that happened that I can't really put into words, but I'll do my best attempt. First, I'd like to give a shoutout to the team at Kohl's - Kohl's so generously sponsored my trip and provided my workout wardrobe for the entire weekend. You can find my outfit details scattered throughout this post.

#mbgrevitalize was an invite-only event that was hosted at the Ritz-Carlton on Dove Mountain, and it was filled with around 250 wellness leaders, entrepreneurs, and industry game-changers. Still pinching myself that I was among them.

Watch my VLOG from the weekend!

Want to know what I loved most about revitalize? Keep reading.

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017

^Happy Morning Hikers!

What I Loved Most About Attending #mbgrevitalize 2017

1. Meeting and connecting with people who care so deeply about helping others.

"You don't need an invitation to help anyone. You can just show up." - Hill Harper during his revitalize talk on 'Facing Fear'. When we focus our hearts and our mission on helping others, we are making strides towards a more beautiful, inclusive world. There are people who need our help across the street and across the country. It doesn't matter where we are from - we should open our arms to help as many people as we can near and far. So, whether that be helping a friend with a project, donating to a stranger's GoFundMe page, volunteering in another country, or inspiring others through words on the internet... just find something that gives your life purpose and meaning.

2. Finding my confidence and independence in a sea of CEO's

I only knew a few people, so in the beginning it was a little scary walking around and introducing myself to strangers. In a sea of CEO’s, scientists, and experts in functional medicine, it's easy to second-guess yourself and question your reason for being there. I had to step back and realize I earned my spot on the list, and once I broke out of my shell, I connected with so many kind people! Most notably, I gained incredible insight and inspiration I can take with me on my own journey.

3. Moving my body outdoors all weekend!

Since this weekend was all about wellness, you bet we had the best of the best teachers leading us through meditation, yoga, and various workouts. One of my favorite classes was sponsored by Kohl's on the second day of revitalize. It began with a yoga class led by Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde, a HIIT circuit by Sophie Jaffe of Philosophie Mama, and a closing stretch by Alicia Archer of Kinky Sweat.

Later that day, I participated in the most hilarious yoga class of my life led by my favorite Kathryn Budig. I had the great honor of leading a panel with Kathryn just last month, so it was awesome catching up with her and her girl Kate Fagan.

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017 with kohls, Jordan Younger from the balanced blonde, Sophie Jaffe, Jules from Om & The City

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017 with kohls, Jordan Younger from the balanced blonde, Sophie Jaffe, Jules from Om & The City

^ Making shapes with my fellow Kohl's gals!

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017 and hosted by kohls

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017 and hosted by kohls

^My Kohl's Outfit Details:Sports Bra | Leggings | Shoes

4. Listening to leaders in our industry speak about topics rarely discussed

We had some incredible speakers on day 2 of revitalize. We learned the science of utilizing oxygen and breathwork techniques, finding the balance between Eastern and Western medicine from a cancer survivor, the importance of a diverse microbiome, how to actually reverse global warming (it's not what you think), and the list goes on. If you missed the livestream of speakers ranging from Hill Harper, Paul Hawken, Kate Fagan and more, you can watch it all here.

5. Knowing this is just the beginning of my journey

After meeting so many wellness entrepreneurs who are slaying the game, I've realized I'm ready to take the next steps in pursuing my longterm goals and dreams. There is so much I hope to do in this industry - it goes far beyond blogging and Instagram-land, trust me. While I feel so lucky to wake up and do what I do everyday, I know I can dig deeper and ask more of myself.

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017

mindbodygreen revitalize 2017

^Kohl's Outfit Details: My dress is sold out, but here's something similar.

Thank you all so much for supporting me on this journey. If you haven't been to Arizona yet, it is incredibly beautiful and you should definitely go. I fell in love with the cacti, clear blue skies, gorgeous mountain views, and the warmth of the AZ sun. I know I'll be back for Sedona and some Grand Canyon hikes!

You can shop my Kohl's wardrobe here. I have to say, I was so impressed with Kohl's activewear selection and wellness offerings! Been living in my Under Armor leggings since I returned home! xox

Don't forget to watch my vlog recapping the weekend here or click below. Comment and subscribe if you like what you see!