My roommates strongly encouraged me to write about this...

Photo Apr 05, 11 30 18 PM
Photo Apr 05, 11 30 18 PM

I just returned home from a date with a Yogi. I would like to apologize in advance to said Yogi if you are, in fact, reading this, but my roommates found this event to be a learning experience for all...and who am I to withhold a good lesson learned?

I have an issue with people who claim to be a devout Yogi, yet do not practice the yogic mentality. We are all beautifully flawed, and to me a true Yogi is NOT defined by their physical strength, flexibility, or how well they know the terminology. It worries me when there are so many people getting their yoga teacher certification, but do not truly emulate (or at least try to emulate) the qualities of a compassionate, nonjudgmental, and inspirational being. All of my yoga teachers inspire me in some way.....I look to my teachers as someone who does not judge me, and someone who provides a safe haven for me to explore and take risks in my practice.

While at dinner, this particular Yogi asked, "So are you like in shape?" Then, he attempts to look me up and down from across the table while I'm sitting in my chair. (Pause)...what the hell?

He reaches for my arm and tells me to flex, to which I reply, "um no." ...and I repeat, what the hell?! There is a lot more where that came from (including borderline condescending remarks about my job), but basically I felt judged and did not have any desire to take a yoga class from this guy (or go on a second date).

The bottom line: I would rather take a class from a teacher who cannot touch his/her toes, but embraces the yoga philosophy on and off the mat. Yoga has literally changed my life in such a mental, physical and spiritual way. When you are leading a group of students, you have a big responsibility to uphold a certain morale and credibility. I am not saying teachers have to be this perfect, smiling, positive person with rainbows shooting out their ears......but you should probably not be an ass.

At the end of the day, this was a really bizarre/comedic experience for me. Thanks for dinner.

Buenos Noches,