Let's Talk Periods + Q&A with Vubino Reusable Menstrual Cup Co-Founder

know your flow

know your flow

What's up my dears! There has been a lot of talk lately about periods or "puh-jeer-ee-ids" as Andrew likes to call it, and I think it's so important to speak openly about. It's encouraging to see both men and women stepping up to the plate and keeping the conversation going when it comes to women's health and safety.


Tampons and pads are quite controversial, and something's gotta give. We cannot keep using products that are filled with hazardous chemicals (like BLEACH) and plasticizing chemicals with BPA. Not to mention, cotton is the most highly sprayed crop of all time. Much of what we put on our skin absorbs directly into the bloodstream, and just so you know....vaginal walls are very permeable, so imagining these chemicals absorbing into our bodies every month is absolutely terrifying. #amiright

So, what are the safest alternatives? Here's an in-depth article about the recommended 'Safe Alternatives to Toxic Feminine Hygiene Products'. For today, I'm going to talk to you about one in particular - Reusable Menstrual Cups, as these are one of the most cost-effective and sustainable options.

My First Experience Using a Menstrual Cup (sparing the gory details)

After reading one article after the next, I finally flipped the switch and purchased my very first menstrual cup from a new brand called Vubino for $28. My experience was much like this BuzzFeed article here. I didn't have trouble inserting it, but getting it out was an entirely different story. Let's just say it took me TWO HOURS, from every angle, with frequent back-and-forths from the bathroom to crying in the fetal position on my bedroom floor.

Andrew bore witness to my seven stages of extreme panic and desperation, and I admit it's hilarious looking back. It was alarming, because the cup was seriously stuck/suction cupped to my walls, and it just felt like it kept shifting further and further up the more I tried to yank it down. I was about to escort myself to urgent care when FINALLY it budged. PHEW (you cannot even imagine my relief).

After that entire escapade, I kept practicing, and it started to get easier. However, I noticed the cup wouldn't open all the way once inserted and therefore, wasn't catching all of the flow...you know. I so badly wanted this cup to work out, so I called up the Vubino Co-Founder, Kelly Urch. She gave me such amazing insight, and we've concluded I have a low-cervix, which would require a more shallow cup. This shallow cup is not yet available via Vubino, but I am anxiously waiting, and will not give up on my quest.

Kelly shed so much light on this subject, and I couldn't hold back from sharing such important and life-changing information. So, please read, absorb and act upon what you learn from her words. Take care of your 'down there', and let's live long, healthy lives!



Q&A with Kelly Urch, Co-Founder of Vubino Reusable Menstrual Cup

Q: What inspired to you to start Vubino? A: I have been using a menstrual cup for about ten years now, thanks to a friend who gifted one to me! Over the years, I introduced many of my friends to the revolutionary product and it changed my life and theirs in so many ways. I’ve always dreamt of running my own business, but I was never quite sure exactly what it would look like until I met my Co-Founder, Luis! We are both thrilled to have found each other and a cause we know will change the world, one vagina at a time!

Q: Quote that you live by? A: There are so many quotes that resonate with me, but one that has been with me the longest and still inspires me is this one by Voltaire:

"It is not our condition, it is the temper of our souls which renders us happy."

Q: Three reasons to use menstrual cups vs. pads or tampons? A: There’s no way I can list just three!

  1. Savings! Women can save over $5,000 in their lifetime after making the switch.

  2. Sustainability! Why do we use reusable water bottles? This is the same concept.

  3. Safety! Zero side effects with Vubino – it’s hypoallergenic and won’t cause TSS or any other health risk. Tampons and pads are just not safe. A recent study revealed that 85% of the industry is contaminated with roundup herbicide, which means women using tampons or pads are bound to absorb these toxic metabolites, which has been linked to cancer via the World Health Organization. (Link to article here)

  4. Convenience! I never have to worry about going to the store, asking to borrow a feminine hygiene product or travel concerns. It is ready and waiting when that time of the month arises and its super easy to use once you get the hang of it.

  5. Empowerment! Using Vubino forces women to become very comfortable with their bodies and therefore changes our relationship not just with ourselves, but also our monthly cycles for the better.

vubino menstrual cup

vubino menstrual cup

Q: Common misconceptions about the cup? A:Will it get stuck or lost inside of me? No, absolutely not. If it is inserted too high you can always get it out, but a good rule to go by is to keep it at the base of the vagina. There’s no need to insert it way up inside of yourself. Another one: That's going to be a huge mess!Yes, it can be messy at first, but just like anything, it takes some time getting used to and once you got it down it’s like riding a bike. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone that may have Hemaphobia (fear of blood). We have many more FAQs listed on our website here for your convenience.

Q: Why is it so important to #knowyourflow? A: I’m really glad you asked about this. Our cycles communicate with us and tell us if something isn’t right. If you have crazy cramping every cycle, irregular bleeding/spotting, very short or long cycles or inconsistent/irregular time frames between cycles, etc., your body is trying to tell you something. Yes, we are all different. But, does it make sense that something that has the potential to manifest such remarkable and amazing beauty, life, always have to be scary, unpleasant and/or painful? If you don’t have a harmonious relationship with your yoni and your monthly cycle it is mother natures way of telling you something is up.

You might not be aligning with your truth in some way and it would probably be a good idea to take a closer look at your lifestyle, relationships, diet, career, and/or any other significantly influential components of your life and see if it is truly what you desire. It took me a long time to figure this out, and I battled with heavy periods and debilitating cramps for years. NO MORE!

Here’s an interesting article about the new trend with women stopping their periods all together! This is very serious and very scary stuff. Ladies, nature has laws and while we may have the ability to stop the bleeding, it doesn’t mean we should.

vubino menstrual cup - know your flow

vubino menstrual cup - know your flow

Q: Tips for getting comfortable with using the cup?A: Practice makes perfect. Remember the first time you used a tampon (those of you that have)? I think I went through an entire box before I got it down! Needless to say, that didn’t please my mom too much, but she was understanding and supportive. :) Like I said, it’s like riding a bike - some of us get it right away and for some of us, it takes a while. We have come to learn there’s a small percentage of women who have a low sitting cervix (like Jules!) who need a more shallow cup. We’re working on getting one made now and we have been referring women to this link below to locate theirs. We also have a great support network at Vubino to help women through the transition and soon we will be having a monthly info session for new users and those interested in learning more.

Q: Any hilarious first-experience stories to share (customer or personal)?A: Hmmmmm…. honestly, I don’t have any significant experiences that stand out that I can think of, aside from my very first time seeing a menstrual cup and learning about it. I thought it was GROSS! Ewwwwwww! No way was I even going to consider using such a thing. Luckily, my dear friend who introduced me to the revolutionary product was tenacious and determined to help me make that switch for the better. A few months went by and my birthday came along and I received a package from Mars. In it was my very first menstrual cup. I kinda laughed and figured, why not?! Needless to say, I never went back.

vubino cup

vubino cup

Thank you so much, Kelly for such amazing insight. I hope you all enjoyed this article, and most importantly, if you made it all the way to the end, I want to hear from you! Let me know in the comments below if you find it helpful reading articles of this kind. I'm all about givin' the people what they want. As always, you can also email me at jules@omandthecityblog.com.

Learn more about Vubino here. Keep up with this amazing brand here: INSTA | FB | TWEET

Live long and prosper, babes!