That time I paid $8 for a jar of Indian dirt….

calcium bentonite clay
calcium bentonite clay

It is no understatement that this clay is the "World's Most Powerful Facial". It is magical in all of its au naturale glory, but DAMN it is mighty. Although I am bewitched, I say use this Indian dirt with caution. If you have sensitive skin, do NOT keep this on your face for longer than 15 minutes. In fact, start off with 10 minutes. I learned from a little thing called trial and error as I am now sitting in my bed slathered in aloe vera plant while my face is beet red, splotchy and ITCHY.

This is my third time using this mask (I do it on Sunday evenings). I followed the directions both times before, but this time I kept it on for 25 minutes because I was so indulged in Ocean at the End of the Lane  by Neil Gaiman (curse you, favorite author). Anyways, I must say (with the exception of this instant) I have truly seen my skin benefit from this facial. I have never really been into doing face masks in the past. I like to keep my skin care routine rather simple - but while my skin no longer has spastic breakouts, I still have blackheads in my nose pores that I would like to get rid of.

A little goes a very, very long way. Scoop 1/2 a teaspoon and add a little water until it becomes paste consistency. *Mini Chemistry lesson - do not let calcium bentonite come into contact with metals. It decreases the effectiveness, so just stick to plastic spoons and bowls.* Then, just layer it all over your face avoiding the eyes until you become a scary, green Swamp Thing. You will notice the clay harden and you'll forget how to make your face do normal things like smile or speak.

I will check back in a few weeks to let you know the rest of my review. So far so good! My face is so smooth and soft - It just reminds me how much I love nature and its healing powers. If you are brave enough, tag #omandthecity in a photo of you and your friends trying this clay. I just might post mine…..and you just might get a free gift from moi.