I have not washed my hair with shampoo in two weeks and it feels awesome.

Photo Feb 06, 9 25 32 PM
Photo Feb 06, 9 25 32 PM

Let me just start off saying, I am nowhere near a dirty hippie. However, I have given up shampoo and I am going to tell you why:

Just as chemical-filled face washes strip your face of its natural oils, shampoo does the same to your hair. The only reason people feel the need to wash their hair every day is because they truly do need to. Your scalp WILL produce more oil due to the fact that your shampoo is stripping it clean and your body is overcompensating.

By foregoing shampoo, I am allowing my hair's PH to balance out. Our hair naturally falls between a PH of 4.5-5 on a scale of 0 to 14. A PH above 7 is considered alkaline and a PH below 7 is considered acidic. You want to find a happy balance in order for your hair to look the shiniest and strongest it has ever been.

I am still researching the best method. However, I am currently using the Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar "NO-Poo" method. I am aware of the controversies…..so I am definitely open to hearing your thoughts!

The PH of baking soda is around 8 to 9 and the PH of ACV is around 3. For the past two weeks, I have been washing my hair with baking soda diluted with water and then rinsing with diluted ACV - I do this every few days. Although this is a very new idea to me, I plan on doing more research before I decide whether this is the right method for me.

I can say, however, that my hair is NOT greasy and has so much more volume than before. Also, my natural waves have become even more wavy, which is always exciting! I have heard of a coconut milk and honey regimen that I am very interested in trying as well.

Basically, I plan to stray away from store-bought shampoos and find my own way to clean my hair without damaging it. I will do more research and be sure to blog about it! In the mean time, let me know your thoughts on "no-poo".

P.S. This is not something I would boast about at work. People might think you just don't actually shower…. :)

Happy Almost Friday!

Jules xx