How to Find a Healthy Hustle & Attract Abundance (FREE Downloadable Workbook)


Hustling from a place of peace...

I spent over six years hustling my butt off in NYC, and now I'm writing this while sitting outside by my pool in Austin, TX. Moving to Austin was a form of self-care for me, and it was my way of taking control of my situation to channel a healthy hustle that is both lucrative and sustainable.

There’s a time and a place to kick it into gear and go, but I might have saved myself a few mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks had I channeled my hustle from a place of peace instead of urgency and fear. What do I mean by fear? Well, when you really love what you do, the fear of not being enough or falling short might creep in. Am I right? And if everything you need to do is urgent, then how do you ever prioritize or stop working?

We’re all striving to live our best lives and to just be better as humans. Once we realize we are the only one standing in the way, that's when things get simpler. We can crack that. So, here I am... still hustling, but implementing systems that have me feeling so much more calm, clear, and productive than I have felt in a long while. It's a feeling. It's a flow. It can't be measured or analyzed in likes or follows.

We've gotta create space to create abundance. So, here's how to find that healthy hustle, so you can attract all the good things that are awaiting you: 

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1. Remember Why You Started

When I’m feeling stuck or thrown off-course, I sit back and reflect on why I decided to purchase the domain back in 2013. I'm instantly reminded of where my heart was before social media and before algorithms. Get back to basics and remember why you started (watch my blogging story on YouTube).

Take Action: Ask yourself, what inspired you to begin your journey in the first place? What motivates you to keep going? Why is it important? Write it down. Perhaps along the way your M.O. has shifted or has even completely changed. Whatever the reason may be, sit down and have a heart to heart with yourself.

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2. Ditch that Scarcity Mindset

The world likes to pit humans against each other, especially women. But the reality is, there's room for everyone. One person's success does not take anything away from you. In fact, it has nothing to do with you. So, don't worry about it. Stay true to who you are and only put out work that you're proud of. You will start to tap into the world's abundance and attract the right people and opportunities into your life.

Take action: A little friendly competition might help get you motivated, but don’t let it consume you. Unfollow accounts that trigger negative feelings and follow more accounts that inspire you and lift you up. Comparison eats up your creativity, kills productivity, and just wastes time. Spend less time scrolling and more time creating - Give your undivided attention to your passion and watch it flourish.

3. Commit to Your Morning + Evening Rituals

Beginning and ending each day with strong intentions is a game changer. Sandwich your day with empowering rituals, so no matter how messy all the things in the middle are, you can go to sleep knowing you did your best with what you can control.

Take Action // Mornings: Consider waking up an hour earlier to start your morning ritual. Make a soothing morning drink like a superfood matcha latte (my recipe here), pour-over coffee, or a nutrient-packed breakfast smoothie. Take time to meditate, stretch, journal, write your to-do list - just find a flow that makes YOU feel good (read my quick guide to introspection for some journaling prompts).

Take Action // Evenings: Wind down and shut off technology at least an hour before bed. Clear your head by journaling or reading, or engage in some good ole conversation if you share a space with someone. Evenings are especially important for decompressing and de-stressing so you can rest soundly through the night.

4. Accept that You Can’t Be Everything to Everybody

You can't be everything to everybody or you'll end up being nothing to nobody. Find your niche and really hone in on those skills. Otherwise, you'll end up with a watered down version of your business. You will be so much more impactful and intentional once you focus your lens on where you think you can really serve.

Take Action: Stop trying to do everything, and do what you're best at. Write down all of the things your job requires you to do. From that list, circle what you enjoy doing. Then, separate your likes and dislikes into two separate columns. For the tasks you dislike, can you outsource? The goal of this exercise is to do more of what you LOVE. So, find an accountability partner to check in with you. Do what it takes for you to find your focus so you can hustle with intention instead of burning the candle at both ends.

5. Visualize Your Best Life & Trust the Process

Dream it, believe it, achieve it. In order to get what you want, you have to visualize already having it. The below visualization exercise is one that I personally do when I'm feeling stuck, and it freaking works. It's helpful to absolutely anyone trying to manifest success, happiness, and fulfillment:

Take Action: Write out a dream 'about me' bio in the third person. What words are you using to describe yourself? What titles or awards have you earned? Where are you residing? How much money are you making? Don't hold back - Be specific in imagining this future you, and write it out as if it has already happened. I can't tell you statistics or scientific facts for why this works but it does.

At the end of the day, finding a healthy hustle is all about trusting that you have time to accomplish what you want. You are worthy. You are enough.

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