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Hustling from a place of peace...

I spent over six years hustling my butt off in NYC, and now I'm writing this while sitting outside by my pool in Austin, TX. Moving to Austin was a form of self-care for me, and it was my way of taking control of my situation to channel a healthy hustle that is both lucrative and sustainable.

There’s a time and a place to kick it into gear and go, but I might have saved myself a few mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks had I channeled my hustle from a place of peace instead of urgency and fear. What do I mean by fear? Well, when you really love what you do, the fear of not being enough or falling short might creep in. Am I right? And if everything you need to do is urgent, then how do you ever prioritize or stop working?

We’re all striving to live our best lives and to just be better as humans. Once we realize we are the only one standing in the way, that's when things get simpler. We can crack that. So, here I am... still hustling, but implementing systems that have me feeling so much more calm, clear, and productive than I have felt in a long while. It's a feeling. It's a flow. It can't be measured or analyzed in likes or follows.

We've gotta create space to create abundance. So, get the 5 ACTIONABLE TIPS on how to find a healthy hustle below:



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