How I Secretly Exercise at Work


For the past week, I have been finding secret ways to get a few mini exercises in at work....and I must say I am feeling the burn!

Here is what I do:

1. Every time I go to the bathroom I do 20 squats (in the no one walks in and thinks "esta chica es loca"). I drink a lot of water/have the bladder of a baby squirrel so I pee about 6 times throughout the workday. Let's see.....that averages about 120 squats a day? I'll take it. This is my favorite and most accessible workout - and a few coworkers have already joined my Secret Stall Squatters Society.

2. Before eating lunch I stand up and do 20 abdominal twists. I hold my arms up (in line with my shoulders) with my elbows pointing out, pull in my abdominal muscles and TWIST, making sure I create resistance. I twist very slowly making sure I feel as much resistance as possible. This won't give you a six-pack, but it will wake up your muscles and aid in digestion. It is not so discrete, but the lovely people I work with do not judge me and everyone is too busy chowing down to notice.

3. I do 15 quick calf raises 3 times throughout the day. If you are having a meeting with someone and they leave the room to get something, HURRY, DO SOME CALF RAISES. Done. Easy. I find a way to sneak it in there. Another great time to do it is when you're on the phone.

Other healthy tips:

  • Make sure you are taking full, thoughtful breaths. This will also help manage your stress.

  • Sit up straight and suck in your stomach. I have had horrible posture lately with my pinched nerve, so I am really working on this.

  • Laugh a lot. Smile and enjoy the work you do with the people around you. If you are not loving your job situation at the moment, try to make the best of it....As I said in my last post, do not let a negative person ruin your day. Don't give them that kind of power or influence over you.

.....Happy (ALMOST) Friday! <3

- Jules