everyone could use a bit of therapy

sketch by andrea price
sketch by andrea price
sketch by Andrea Price

Many of us have seen a therapist or a psychologist at some point in our lives, and there is absolutely nothing to feel embarrassed about. In fact, it is brave, productive, and shows you are eager to move forward. We all manage our emotions differently, but I am a believer of speaking it out loud. Once feelings are voiced, you should hold yourself accountable to acknowledge it and if needed, take action.

Even now, I would love to have someone to meet with every other week to discuss my goals and create action steps toward achieving these goals. I want to discuss any roadblocks or challenges I am facing and be able to just focus on me for that one hour.

This month, I encourage all of you (and myself) to find someone to speak to - whether it is a therapeutic friend, a licensed clinical psychologist, a spiritual guide, a life coach or a random person you connect with on the subway. Find someone to open up to, who can be completely objective and give you their honest and open-minded point of view. Even if you are living on Cloud 9, speaking to someone about everything that is going right in your life is a great way to make sure you keep it up!

If it is a friend you speak to, return the favor. I find it very therapeutic to listen to my friends' challenges and guide them through it. It gives me a sense of control in my own life, even if that may not be the case. When you take your mind off of your issues and focus on helping someone else, you might find the inspiration you need to feel motivated again.

No matter what, it is so important to be honest with yourself. Speak up about your feelings and allow yourself to just be present in what you're feeling. If you are sad, be sad. Cry, write it all down, and rebuild yourself tomorrow. When I am upset and I try to suppress it, it will just blow up in my face later. Just remember, you are a human first and foremost, so make sure to take care of yourself mentally before getting wrapped up in the trivialities of every day life.

"Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes, in the middle of nowhere, you find yourself." - Sean Corn

This article was inspired by my superhuman friend, Margo, who conveniently happens to be a clinical psychologist. Our friendship was born from a subway ride to yoga class over a year ago, and the rest is history!