How to Detox Armpits & Switch to a Natural Deodorant

In this post, I talk about why I decided to switch to natural deodorant, the one I recommend that actually works and how to detox your armpits as you make the transition. | Om & the City Blog #OmAndTheCity #Detox #ArmpitDetox #NaturalDeodorant #NaturalBeauty #CleanLiving

When I first began educating myself on non-toxic beauty 5 years ago, I learned about the importance of natural deodorants. Detoxing and using a natural deodorant was one of the first steps in cleaning up my routine. Now that I’m fully invested in clean beauty, I love learning about new brands hitting the market and sharing it with you! One of my new favorite discoveries is Native deodorant, but more on this rad brand later.

A natural deodorant is an easy swap to make, but many people are quick to decide that natural D.O.’s don’t work before giving their body a chance to detox. As with any new skincare routine, it takes your body time to adjust. There’s a way to help speed up that transition period though... Introducing: the armpit detox.

First things first, detox that pit.

The skin in your armpit is super permeable, and what you put on it soaks right into your skin and into your bloodstream. Conventional deodorants filled with harmful chemicals clog up your pores and prevent your body from natural detoxing, a.k.a sweating. Since middle school, we’ve been taught sweating is bad and just plain smelly, but releasing toxins is something our body has to do, it’s healthy and natural! Years of using pore-clogging deodorant changes your body’s bacteria and will require a detox and a switch to a more natural solution.

First, consider detoxing your armpits naturally and know it takes a few weeks for your body to adjust to your new clean formula (a.k.a. you may be a lil stinky at first).

  • Exfoliating: Your armpits need the same kind of love you give the rest of your body. Try a dry brush to help drain lymph nodes. Be gentle as you brush the outer armpit in a sweeping motion down towards the heart.

  • Masking: Use a 1:1 ratio of bentonite clay & apple cider vinegar, and put it on your armpits for 15 minutes. You can repeat this weekly or biweekly for a month while your body is transitioning. This helps release toxins in a way that just plain soap in the shower can’t do. Mask your face and your armpits at the same time for ultimate #selfcare.

  • Cleansing: You might already use a natural toner on your face, but consider one for your armpits as well. Try apple cider vinegar or witch hazel and apply with a cotton ball or spray bottle. This will not only get rid of bacteria in a natural way but neutralize odor before applying deodorant.


And if you still feel stinky or excessively sweaty, consider the below:

  • Drink more water to help support your body’s natural way of cleansing toxins.

  • Reduce your intake of body odor-inducing foods like sugar, spicy foods, processed foods, red meat, alcohol, and coffee.

As you detox, find a natural deodorant.

I’m always on the hunt for natural deodorants that work well, and I’m excited to share Native. Their deodorant is smooth (not cakey), doesn’t stain shirts with their natural oils, smells glorious, and I really love their overall minimal vibe and branding.

When you make the switch, look out for ingredients like aluminum, parabens, or propylene glycol. These babies will clog your pores and aren’t good to continuously have in your bloodstream as they can be toxic over time. Instead look for wholesome ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and tapioca starch (absorbs moisture). Native has all of these ingredients and comes in enticing scents like Coconut & Vanilla and Cotton & Lily. The important thing is to choose a deodorant with safe yet effective ingredients. Typically, the less ingredients the better!


Important to note: A lot of natural deodorants contain baking soda which can cause irritation for some (including me). So, I steer away from them. Which is why I love Native, because they offer a baking soda free formula perfect for my sensitive pits.

Natural deodorant can seem like you are sacrificing smelling fresh, but that just isn’t true! Natural deodorant is a way to take care of your body and yourself. I made the switch and I am so glad I did. My body has adapted, and I have found a deodorant I love that does keep me smelling rosey without all the yucky chemicals.



In this post, I talk about why I decided to switch to natural deodorant, the one I recommend that actually works and how to detox your armpits as you make the transition. | Om & the City Blog #OmAndTheCity #Detox #ArmpitDetox #NaturalDeodorant #NaturalBeauty #CleanLiving