Design a Life You Love



When you take control of your life, you will feel so liberated. Sometimes all it takes is ripping off the band-aid to finally change your path and get you moving in the direction that will fulfill you most. Yes, it is scary.... the unknown is always scary, but that is the exciting part of life. Your life is so meaningful and incredibly short. It is up to you to create a life you are proud of, and playing it safe and staying unhappy because you are afraid of the unknown is never going to give you the answers.


It is inevitable... We will all feel stuck several times throughout our lives, and that is okay. Whether you are feeling stuck in your career, stuck in an unsatisfying relationship, or you are feeling held back by lack of money, only you can push yourself to move forward again. But, what if I make the wrong decision...  Well, what makes a decision right or wrong? It may feel like you have a lot to lose if you "choose wrong", but you will not let yourself fail. You only fail when you give up.

"My suggestion is that whenever you have to choose,Always choose the unknown,Because the known you have already lived. Never miss the unknown. Always choose the unknown and go headlong. Even if you suffer, it is worth it. It always pays." - O S H O

You have the strength, courage, talent, and brains to make yourself succeed in all you desire. I believe in you. I believe in me. Whatever your decision is, just know that as long as you are basing your decisions off of the desire to live a healthier, happier and more positively impactful life, then you are choosing right. Never stay in a place that is crippling your creativity, every day inspiration, and stunting your growth for money or because you fear how people will react. I promise you greater opportunities, people and plans await you. It sometimes takes letting go for new opportunities to present themselves.


Millennials : I may be specifically speaking to you. I know many of you are juggling the idea of extended travel, changing jobs, moving cross-country, etc. The time is now. As I've been told by numerous wise friends, once you get married and have kids, taking these leaps will not be as easy (although, it is still always possible!). Right now, I am solely responsible for me, and I am in control of my actions and my money. These decisions are not affecting anyone else. So, why not? Go for it.


I was in a battle with myself for the past seven months. That ended exactly three weeks ago, when I decided to resign from the job I have had since I graduated college. Oh, it was tough. I worked with a team of wonderful, kind-hearted people, and I miss them already. However, I have realized my passions and strengths were never going to be available to me at that company. Therefore, I sought out better-suited opportunities in my industry... and you know, I feel excited again. I feel inspired, and I know my spirit needed this.

In addition, I decided to resign a bit early, and take the month to travel to Chinandega, Nicaragua to get my RYT 200-hour Yoga Teacher Certification (finally checking that off the bucket list)! I feel liberated, and I can say I am no longer feeling s t u c k. I am doing what I need to do to create a life I love, and I am a happier person, nicer daughter, better girlfriend and a kinder friend because of it.

With love, light and happiness, Jules xx