…but the polar vortex made me do it (and other excuses for why you skipped yoga class)

Photo Nov 29, 4 28 58 PM (1)
Photo Nov 29, 4 28 58 PM (1)

You just got home from work. You take off all of your layers of winter clothing, kick off your boots, and all you want to do is sit on your couch snuggled in a blanket and catch up on the Mindy Project...

This is something I have been struggling with the past few weeks. Once I am home, it is so hard for me to find the motivation to venture out into the cold again. I have to walk half a mile to get to the subway, which I then take two stops to get to my yoga studio. As a New Yorker, I am forced to walk in negative degree weather and there is just no way around it….unless I want to pay for a cab (noooooo).

I have tried going to the studio right after work, but I am too hungry to make it through class. Therefore, I have opted to come home after work, cook a healthy dinner and then make it to the 9pm class. The problem is once I am home, I start coming up with excuses for why I shouldn't go to class. The underlying theme is that it's really cold and I'm being really lazy.

So, where do I find the motivation?

Honestly, I just think about how accomplished I feel after I take a class. I always look forward to Monday night yoga with my favorite teacher Kajuan. It is important to find a studio you love as well as teachers that inspire you and push you to the next level. When I miss class, I am essentially missing out on an opportunity to grow in my practice.

Another way to get motivated is to bring a friend! I like to drag my awesome roommate along to the 9pm classes so she can brave the polar vortex with me. Whatever it is you need to do, get your booty out the door and get your downward dog on.

Just recently, I have volunteered my time to work at another yoga studio in my area in exchange for free, unlimited classes. Many studios will offer these "work-study" programs, so look into and see how you can get involved!

Stay warm my fellow Yogis!

xx Jules