ATX Home Reveal Pt. 2: Our Mindful and Modern Bedroom Oasis


Hi friends! If you didn't catch the first part of our home reveal (Our Minimal, High Vibe Living Room and Workspace), go ahead and check that out.

Alright now... welcome to my favorite room in the house! Mind you, we live in a one-bedroom apartment, haha. I LOVE our bedroom for so many reasons, and together, Andrew and I made a few mindful decisions for this room which I'll share more below. P.S. Most everything you'll find linked at the end of this post (unless it's sold out).

Here's a side-by-side, comparing the original design by Erika from Decorist (my online interior designer) to the finished look! *Om & The City readers get 30% off a Decorist room makeover with the code: 'JULES30'.





Mindful, Minimal, and Tech-Free

Both mine and Andrew's jobs require a lot of screen time. So, we made the conscious decision to keep that kind of technology out of the bedroom. All we have in our room is our Sonos speaker for good tunes, and my Apple watch which is simply used as our alarm. Our phones and laptops charge in the living room. We have simple nightstands with plants and whatever book I'm reading. We want our room to be a calming space to decompress, connect with one another, and be present. The last thing I want in our relationship is to sit in bed together, mindlessly scrolling on our phones. I'm grateful to have a partner who is on the same page!

Our bedding is gifted from the kind people at Parachute (linked below), and it's quite the upgrade from my previous no-name Amazon sheets. These linen sheets are next level and are so much softer, cooler, and comfortable. I highly recommend if you're looking to invest in quality sheets!

For bedside lamps, we chose not to purchase any. In general, we want to decrease our exposure to artificial light for health reasons and to promote a better night's rest. This is a lot easier for me, since I like to go to bed when the sun goes down. Andrew, however, is a night owl, so I let him do his thing. I'm still determined to convert him into a morning person. :) Baby steps.


I couldn't be happier with our little zen bungalow a.k.a. #TheOmHome! Stay tuned for more. I will be doing a full home tour video, and I also want to dig into how we organized our closet space. I think all of my fellow aspiring minimalists will appreciate that!

Links to products are below. Sadly, our nightstands are currently sold out, but you can find similar ones online. Make sure to tag me in your photos if you end up snagging a few things!

Big thanks to: DecoristUrban Outfitters, and Minted for gifting your products/services to make our dream space a reality! Don't forget you get 30% off of a Decorist room makeover with 'JULES30'.

The talented Hannah Haston (@hanhaston) for photographing my home reveal!