A Quick Guide to Introspection for a Happier and Healthier Life

guide to introspection
guide to introspection

Introspection and self-reflection... it's an art, and we all could use more of it. Let me ask you: Does your brain feel cluttered? Do you often feel as though your days are spent trying to keep your head above water? The good news is you're not alone. However, it's time to make changes. Being swamped is not something to take pride in. Let's create space for self-reflection, so we can examine our own internal thoughts and dissect what they mean and how they make us feel.

Why Introspection?

  • It gives us the opportunity to grow and #BeBetter as humans.

  • It helps you evaluate your current life, so you can decide what is serving you and what is not.

  • It brings awareness to any emotions you might not have confronted.

  • It's a mental check-in to determine if you're living your truth.

  • It opens up areas of the mind to invite more knowledge, because knowledge equals power.

How to Find the Time

To put it bluntly, you have to make time. For the number of times you log into Instagram and browse your feed, you could probably spare 5-10 minutes for a daily introspection. If that feels like too much, aim for a weekly introspection. Gotta start somewhere, right?

If you currently have a daily meditation practice, then a daily introspection practice should be seamless to work in. I personally find it easiest to do it first thing in the morning. I loosely follow the below order:

  1. Move ~ Yoga, Cardio, or anything else of your choosing.

  2. Meditate ~Don't worry about how it looks. Sit or lay however is most natural to you.

  3. Reflect & Journal ~ Jot down quick thoughts or answers to your self-reflection questions. See below 'Questions to Ask Yourself'.

  4. Meditate ~ Just one more time for a few minutes. Let it all sink in.

*Side note: My beautiful superhuman friend Kait Hurley has nailed the movement and meditation combo with her online workouts. She offers classes that are anywhere from 10 minutes to 60 minutes, so I'm sure you'll find something that suits your schedule. You can try Kait's Body Scan Meditation here for free. // Stay tuned for a  fun project we are working on TOGETHER and will be available in the next couple months!!!


Photos by Victoria Morris

Questions to Ask Yourself During Introspection

When you're reflecting, you're also analyzing your life. Ask yourself the tough questions, and see what answers your mind comes up with. This will give you more to journal about. You can find dozens of self-reflection exercises online. However, I personally like to ask myself questions that I can answer, but also find actionable solutions for. Here are a roundup of questions I find helpful to ask:

  • Am I living my truth? If not, what can I do to get there?

  • Am I using my time wisely? What can I cut out to make more time?

  • What puts me on edge or makes me anxious? How can I work around this?

  • What puts me at ease? How can I fill my life with more of that?

  • Am I taking care of my body? Am I moving enough and eating foods that make me feel good?

  • What makes me laugh and smile? How can I invite more of this into my life?

  • What do I want to learn more about? Can I carve out time to start?

  • What can I say yes to?

  • What can I say no to?

  • Who are the people in my life who genuinely love and support me? How can I love and support them more?

It’s vital to reflect on the highs and lows of our lives, and to take a mental scan of what’s working and what’s not. You can take steps to actively make changes, and ultimately lead a happier and healthier life. You shouldn’t need to wait until your physical body is unwell for there to be time for a mental check-in. Trust me, I will take my own advice on this one.

Hope this post was as helpful for you as it was for me!