7 Things I'm Loving Lately

7 things i'm loving lately

7 things i'm loving lately

Hey hi hello, beautiful friends! I've been caught up lately - Caught up in strategizing, trying to make my blog more SEO friendly, and just totally missing the point of WHY I started thing dang thing over four years ago. While SEO, business strategy, and content calendars are important, my heart is with writing and connecting with my community. So, today I'm saying screw you to SEO and OVER-planing. I just want to WRITE what's currently on my mind. I figured what better place to start than to just share what I'm loving lately. Here we go!

7 Things I'm Loving Lately

1. Prioritizing my gut health

For the past several months I've worked with a functional medicine doctor at Parsley Health to heal my gut. I finally figured out my food allergies and sensitivities, and while it's not easy to restrict things I used to love, I feel so much better than before. I found my groove in the kitchen. I'm taking vitamins and herbs to boost my system. I've even quit hormonal birth control, which was a silent contributor to a lot of my gut issues. Read more about what happened when I quite HBC here.

2. My dog Luna

I'm so in love with her it's ridiculous. I love taking her out to the park and walking around the neighborhood with her. She reminds me to take a break from the screen and live in the moment.

3. Connecting with people IRL

The community that surrounds me is such a blessing, and I just want to connect with you amazing people beyond Instagram. So, I started hosting meaningful events and meetups in NYC, along with other cities I've visited like LA, PDX, and Cincy!

4. Making my own nut milk

Most store brands have all of the gums and added sugar, so I enjoy making my own nut milk at home. It's actually very easy if you have a quality high-speed blender like Vitamix and a nut milk bag. I make weekly batches of cashew milk, and it's just as therapeutic as making my morning matcha lattes (watch my Morning Matcha Latte Tutorial).

5. Investment + Money Managing Apps

At an early age my dad ingrained the importance of money management and investing. It's empowering to be able to handle this on my own, but it can be intimidating if it's not your forte. So, here are a few apps that I like: Quickbooks Self-Employed to help with tracking expenses for tax filing, Betterment for short and long-term investing, and tracking spending habits with Truebill.

6. Domestic Travel

I used to book a trip out of the country every chance I could. However this year, I've spent quite a bit of time traveling within the USA, and I have a newfound appreciation for it! There are so many cool cities to explore - my two favorites are Austin, TX and Portland, OR. I hope to make it back to Arizona and Colorado next!

7. Having more fun

I am prioritizing having as much fun as possible in everything I do. It's easy to get caught up in stressful moments, but I do what I do for a living because I love it. My friend Remy (@veggiekins) recently inspired me by saying we need to rephrase all that we HAVE to do, and think of it as all that we GET to do. I think that's very clever and couldn't be more true!

Now, tell me. What are YOU loving lately?