5 Tips for Soothin' That Dry Winter Skin



Winter time is wonderful for snuggling, hot drinks, big sweaters, and the occasional snowfall. You know what winter is not so great for? Skin. Your soft, summer glow is now non-existent and you might start to feel like your hands and bottoms of your feet have aged 30 years. Re-applying lotion all day long doesn't do a damn thing. Your skin is still left itchy and parched.

Going the natural route does not always seem convenient, but we know it is the healthier, long-term solution for our bodies. Regular lotion is just a temporary fix.

If you want your skin to truly repair itself, give these natural remedies a try:

1. Dry Brush: Use a dry brush in circular motions all over your body starting from your feet and working towards your heart. This will exfoliate the dead skin, increase circulation, and help to tone and reveal a more radiant skin underneath.Take a steamy shower to wash off all of the impurities, and once you've dried off, apply Raw Shea Butter [STEP 2].

2. Raw Shea Butter: Cut a slab of this thick buttery goodness and massage it into your hands, arms, legs and feet (and anywhere else you wish - I use shea butter as my bedtime face moisturizer).

3. Gloves & Socks, Baby: Seal in the moisture by wearing gloves and socks at night. I end up taking them off in my sleep, but if you can get through half the night with it you are still doing well!


4. HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE: Drink more water than you think you need. Most of us are dehydrated without even realizing it.

5. Green Smoothies: Hydrate with those veggies, too. I prefer smoothies over juicing, because you can still consume the pulp and get the good fibers. Check out my latest green smoothie recipe here.

Wishing you all warmth and baby soft skin!